Historical Background

(Some online sources refer to the location as "Moody Brick House" but the family refers to it as the Harris-Moody Brick.)

The Kyles Community Brick is a pre-Civil War residence that has been in three families since it was built in 1848, and the land has been owned by four families since it was purchased from the U. S. Government in 1830. The house underwent modernizing during the 1990’s and early 2000’s and was restored following significant vandalization when the house was unoccupied in the late 1970’s and 1980’s. The restoration project was unconceivable by many local residence and early workers that saw the house during the early restoration years, but the restoration architect was not dismayed and offered support and encouragement.
When the house was unoccupied, it became a favorite night-time destination for teenagers and young adults. The fascination included telling haunting tales and historical fabrication to entertain tag-along visitors. Those tales and historical fabrication got incorporated into the local paranormal club’s internet postings and meetings. Keep an open mind and enjoy some of their entertainment on the internet, but know that these ghost hunters are passionate about their beliefs as they have a local priestess that performs rituals to remove the ghosts and that pours salt on graves to keep the ghosts from appearing. During the 1980’s there were visitors that were vandals, but today these vandals want to be called ‘ghost hunters’.
When asked about the ghosts, the owner’s reply was “We are not afraid of the dead ghosts, but the live ghosts that come out from Scottsboro and Huntsville at 1:00 and 2:00 in the morning are the ones to enjoy watching.”
This is a private residence.
If you are interested in visiting The Moody Brick, you are welcome to contact the owner via email, robchiroux@gmail.com

Predates the Civil War

This map shows the location of the property during the Civil War, with locations marked as they were at that time. Permanent landmarks allow viewers to recognize the location, though the names have changed since then.
Aerial Video
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